Strange Empire - Season 1 Episode 9

In 1869 Janestown on the Alberta-Montana border, three women band together for survival after the men in their town are murdered.

Episode: 9/13 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 6.4

Season 1 - Strange Empire
06 Oct 2014
"In 1869, on the Alberta-Montana border, a fateful meeting leads to tragedy."
13 Oct 2014
"Slotter threatens Kat's girls; Isabelle tries to attract investors in the mine."
20 Oct 2014
"Kat enlists the support of US Marshal Caleb Mecredi; Isabelle wants Cornelius to bankroll the miners' wages."
27 Oct 2014
"Slotter scapegoats two Blackfoot men; Jared threatens Isabelle and Slotter's relationship; Kat witnesses a ruthless murder."
03 Nov 2014
"Kat, pursued by bounty hunters, turns to a medicine woman in her search for Jeremiah."
17 Nov 2014
"Slotter appoints a ruthless new sheriff; Kat wants to stand for justice, but wonders if she's really just another cold-blooded killer."
24 Nov 2014
"Rebecca believes the only way Thomas will survive is an amputation. The girls spend a night of terror with some cattle rustlers."
01 Dec 2014
"A self-proclaimed prophet sets his sights on Kelly. Isabelle sees an opportunity for profit."
08 Dec 2014
"The women's loyalties are divided as the miners and railway workers fight for control of the mine. Violence results, with losses on both sides."
12 Jan 2015
"In the ruins of the mine, as the camp struggles to save the trapped survivors, Slotter's depravity plumbs new depths."
19 Jan 2015
"Chase Sloat, hounded by ghosts, unintentionally gives the women an advantage, while the Slotter household implodes."
26 Jan 2015
"Slotter hires an army of militia men to secure Janestown for himself, while Kat goes in search of weapons and plans to take back control of the camp."
02 Feb 2015
"The women work together to defeat Slotter."